Oh, you thought abs were the secret to happiness? Although men may look in the mirror and wish they had abs, it turns out their partners aren't thinking the same thing. What is that look that makes women turn their heads? Dad bods.

For the past 5 years, Planet Fitness conducts a survey in search of the most sought-after body type for the average person. They may need to quit doing this survey altogether because the results don't seem to be doing any favors for gyms all over the Ark-La-Tex. It turns out, most women are chasing those dad bods.

According to PRNewsWire.com, "More than 72% of women agree that there is universal acceptance of the dad bod." Maybe COVID-19 and those extra pounds we found during the lockdown have made us love dad bods even more. In 2018 the same survey yielded different results. In 2018 only 70% of women and 63% of men liked the dad bods, those numbers have jumped up.

It's not just acceptance for the dad bod, it's preferred. 65 % of women referred to the dad bod as "sexy". They mean it too, the same women were asked what they'd prefer. A man with a dad bod or a guy who was really muscular. Most of the women opted for a dad bod.

Is this the best gift we can offer dads out there? If they're subconscious about their weight or if they've gained a lot lately and just don't feel sexy, show them this survey and let them know that those extra pounds are really sexy.

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