I just saw a survey that said 70% of people want to go back to working in their offices.

Meanwhile, I'm over here like, YO, I am having a ball working from home.

I get it. Many people are also parents and they are ready to get away from being around their kids 24/7. Or maybe it's their spouse that they're trying to get away from. That is understandable. I realize that I am pretty lucky because I have one child who is pretty much content to stay home and play video games on her phone, read books (when I make her), and has settled into going to school remotely with Google Classroom.

There are things I truly miss about being in the office, for sure, like my super cool office, with its gigantic desk, red wall on one side, and seating by the window. I know that most people do not have that luxury, and for that, I feel selfish and spoiled.

There are things that I don't miss about working at the office, though. I don't miss smelling people's burnt up popcorn from the microwave. I don't miss hearing somebody laughing extremely loud in the hallway (Was whatever it was that made them laugh really THAT funny? Come on, man!)

I especially don't miss having to get up out of bed at the crack of dawn (7 a.m.) to hit the shower, layer on some clothes for the day (that are not pajamas), and put on one of my good work wigs! MISS ME WITH THAT MESS.

I am certain that one of these days in the near future when COVID worries have gone away, we will get the memo that everyone has to return to work. When that day happens, for me, it will feel like a funeral. Until then, I am posted up on my sofa working from home in my jammies living my best extroverted hermit-introvert life!

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