One of TV's famous doctors make a call in to The Kiddd Kraddick Morning Show this morning.

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Dr. Oz will be kicking off his 12th season of the 'Dr. Oz' TV show soon and he made a call in to the morning show to talk about some of his guests and to answer some questions from the cast. Out of the gate we find out that he's a prankster and loves to meddle in something he's not supposed to. Kellie even gives him a nickname! Being a surgeon he admits to being handy with a knife around the house, especially around Halloween and Thanksgiving time. He describes the shows this season as being humanitarian and how groups of people can relate to each other. He tells us how he manages to juggle his active practice while doing a TV show. Dr. Oz also gives us his take on the vaccine trails and will the vaccine be safe enough to take it. Give the full informative interview a listen below.

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