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On of the most popular TV show doctors made his weekly call in to The Kid Kraddick Morning Show.

Each Tuesday, Dr. Oz calls the cast to disperse his wealth of knowledge upon the cast. In today's call he talks about how winter weather has affected COVID along with the latest update on the vaccination. He feels that the vaccine is being undersold and the facts aren't being talked about enough. Dr. Oz tells us how the vaccine is being distributed in France as opposed to here in the U.S, but doesn't necessarily agree with the method and why. We also learn about vaccine dosing and quite often there's an extra dose in each vial for safe measure, but in reality it could be dose that goes in to someone's arm.

Dr. Oz responds to all these questions and scenarios before having to run to do a live shot for his TV show for Philadelphia. Oh the life of a TV star!

Listen to "Dr. Oz Calls The Show!" on Spreaker.

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