Well known far and wide for the quality of its productions, the Tyler Civic Theatre is proud to bring to life a stunning production of Alfred Uhry's Pulitzer Prize winning play "Driving Miss Daisy." -- video after the break.

It was a movie starring Jessica Tandy and Morgan Freeman in 1989. Before it was a movie, it was a Pulitzer Prize winning stage play.  Currently it can be seen on Broadway in a revival with James Earl Jones and Vanessa Redgrave.

If you are not planning on going to New York anytime soon, then I suggest that you drive yourself to the Tyler Civic Theatre Center. Starring Frances Whiteside as "Miss Daisy", Freddie Blaksher as Hoke and Ray Deal as Boolie, this story of friendship that spans over twenty years will have you laughing and crying;  at times simultaneously. It deals with the prejudices of the time in such a gentle and charming way.

Director Connie Jackson says, " this is a beautiful little piece of theater with a wonderful cast". According to Ms. Jackson, this is Mr. Blaksher's first major role and "he is a natural".  Ms. Whiteside and Mr. Deal are fixtures of the Tyler Civic Theatre and their honest performances help bring the story to life.

The show opens to the public tonight at 7:30.