A Tyler Man shared a video on his Facebook page this morning that captured a flooded First Monday Trade Days area in Canton, Texas.

Well, many East Texans have been hoping, willing, praying, and even considering doing rain dances over the past few weeks as people all over our areas have been desperate for rain.

Well, ya know that old saying "When it rains, it pours?" That phrase is typically used metaphorically but in this case? Yeah, it's quite literal. And you can see the after-effects of this in the video posted by Tyler, Texas man Chris Landrum below.

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We're glad that the flooding didn't fall during the monthly First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas.

Thankfully, the First Monday Trade Days won't be back until September 1 through 4. That ought to give the earth time to drink in all of that much-needed precipitation and perhaps dry out a bit so Canton visitors won't be walking through muddy conditions. Well, unless the rains continue. But as many East Texas natives know, even if there was a downpour, First Monday would still happen. They state clearly on their website:

Open sun up 'til sun down before the First Monday of every month! Open Rain or Shine!

But let's hope shoppers won't need to "ski" from place to place. Although actually, that could be quite entertaining...but I digress.

Back on topic, if you'd like to see the video Chris Landrum shared in its entirety, we have it for you right here:

OK, I hear the rain beginning yet again...and earlier there was a tornado warning in some of our East Texas counties. Y'all, just please be safe on these roads and let's keep looking out for each other. 

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