When it comes to finding a soulmate, there are many options these days to find someone to spend the rest of your life with. Take for instance Gunny Moore of Whitehouse, he's thrown out the old fashioned way of trying to find a wife, he's tried online dating, he's used pretty much all the social apps so he's trying a more direct way, a yard sign! And getting some attention!

What looks like a political sign, is actually a homemade sign advertising who Gunny is looking for in a potential date or spouse! Gunny made the sign and placed it in his front yard in Whitehouse and it's not only caught the attention of his neighbors, but his friends and local media too! Gunny isn't a stranger to advertising, it's been in his blood for quite a while because he sold advertising for our stations for quite a few years! Seeing this isn't a surprise because he's just that way!

Here's an endorsement for Gunny Moore ladies, he's a kind-hearted guy who loves to laugh, enjoys being on the water, loves his little dog Scooter and really gets into the Christmas spirit each year!

Since posting his pic and yard sign on his Facebook page, his plea has been shared more than 1900 times! He's received comments from ladies all across East Texas and many of his friends have been contacted on how to get in touch with him. Some posts on his Facebook page have gone as far as sharing his story to talk shows and tagging people like Ellen DeGeneres to share in Gunny's search for a mate! Then, there are some as direct as offering him to get married!

Gunny Moore via Facebook
Gunny Moore via Facebook

We wish Gunny the best of luck in his search for a wife and hopes this homemade yard sign works out for him!

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