East Texas' rainy season is coming to an end and things seem to be drying up, but there's still plenty of standing and pooled water still around that can easily become a breeding ground for mosquitoes. According to a new map published in the Journal of Medical Entomology, it shows the particular species of mosquitoes capable of transmitting the Zika virus to be here in East Texas. The Aedes mosquitoes have been present here in East Texas (Smith County) for at least the last three years. However, while these mosquitoes could transmit the virus, a report from the CDC says of the 42 confirmed cases here in Texas, the disease was contracted while traveling outside of our borders.

With mosquitoes being top of mind right now, it's very important that we take precautions and steps to eradicate the mosquito population and to keep us healthy. KLTV 7 spoke to Joel Lowry of Best Pest Control and says the control of mosquitoes is something we and our neighbors should be fighting.

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