Eighteen nurses from Tyler's Christus Trinity Mother Frances traveled to Christus Southeast Texas - St. Elizabeth in Beaumont.  High five, y'all.

Nurses are people with good hearts.  They see a lot and go through a lot on a normal day at work, and still it seems like they've always got a little extra room in their hearts to help out in other places when they're needed.  That spirit is carrying some East Texas nurses to Houston this week to help with Harvey relief.

Families who have had everything washed away by floodwaters have a ton of needs as they rebuild, and some nurses from Christus Trinity Mother Francis Hospital in Tyler are helping to make sure they have the basic medical bases covered.

The Tyler Morning Telegraph says the group left last Thursday and planned to be gone most of the Labor Day weekend, visiting places around Beaumont that don't have water. They also had pharmaceutical supplies with them. And their latest Facebook post shares another group going to help in the Beaumont area.

At one point last week there were reports that as many as 118,000 people in the Beaumont area were without running water, and the Washington Post says the problem is still not fixed, and cars have been lining up to get fresh water ever since.  These East Texas nurses traveled right to the center of the problem to lend a hand.

This is just one more way Texans are rockin' the relief effort.  It's going to take a big push from all of us to put Beaumont and Houston and the affected Gulf Coast areas back together again, and this group gives us all some inspiration to do our part.

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