Every small town has it's own uniqueness to it. It can be in the architecture or maybe the layout of the land or even just a simple landmark. Every small town has something very much alike, too. I'm gonna pick on my hometown of Lindale for this write up but you'll notice that your small town has some, or all these, things very much in common.

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I grew up in Lindale. My parents still live in the same house on Legion Hills Road that I grew up in. They still go to the same blacktop road church that I grew up in. I'm old enough now that I can point to a certain location and be able to say "I remember when that was just a field." Where Walmart and Lowes are now in Lindale is the perfect example of this.

Yes, all of that area was once just grass and trees. Where Posados and the hospital is across from Walmart and Lowes was just an empty field. Even the area across from where my mom and dad live was just someone's pasture where they kept their cows when I was growing up. Growth is inevitable with any small town.

Even though a small town will grow, many will still keep that small town feel. Which is where this list comes into play. Every small town, despite growing bigger, all have these things in common. While I'm picking on my hometown of Lindale, going through this list will certainly make you point out something very similar in your small town, if not all of them.

10 Things Every East Texas Small Town has in Common

Whether growing to big for it's britches or staying the lovely small that it is, every small town has these things in common. I'm picking on my hometown of Lindale for this but for this list, you will find something very similar in your small town, if not all of them.

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