If you're facing a divorce, check out some of the recommendations for divorce attorneys in the Tyler, Texas area.

First, if this is something you're dealing with right now, we're so sorry. It can be one of the most stressful experiences a person can go through.

Sadly, divorce will affect pretty much everyone you know. The good news is that overall divorce rates are falling. Most of the data we've researched shows it's about 40% for first marriages. Yeah, that's still a staggeringly large number. And the data gets more discouraging for second, third, and subsequent marriages.

As hard and heartbreaking as it can be, sometimes people need to leave toxic situations or extricate themselves from a situation that is no longer sustainable and in some cases even dangerous for you or your children.

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Divorce is one of the hardest things anyone can ever go through. In fact, in almost any ranked list of the most stressful things with which people have to deal, divorce is usually at least in the top five.

I hope you're not in this situation. However, if you are or know someone who is, having a capable, competent attorney who can help you get through this difficult season as smoothly as is humanly possible is one of the most helpful things you can do for yourself and your children.

Recently, a Tyler resident shared that they are currently dealing with this and were seeking recommendations on a social media group page. Fellow Tyler residents graciously offered recommendations based on their own experience or the experience of those they know who've recently been through a divorce. Some shared recommendations based on good things they'd heard over the years.

Here are some of the top recommendations by Tyler residents when it comes to seeking a divorce attorney:

John Jarvis, (903) 592-6576 This attorney was actually recommended three times.

Tina Brumbelow,  (903) 533-1339 There were two separate recs in this thread.

Sam George, (903) 595-6000 Sam was recommended by five different people.

Mike Hogan, (903)597-3808 We noticed there were several people who "loved" this rec.

Other recommendations include:

Sinclair Law Firm, 903-533-1005 The person who recommended this group said they helped the process move as smoothly and quickly as possible.

Howard Britain, (903) 593 7355 he was recommended as "the attorney attorneys use for their own personal divorces." They also said he was pricey, but they felt it was worth every penny.

Also, The Flowers Law Firm, Pesina Law Firm, Rachael Griffith, Coe Estrada Law, Chery A. Wulf, Joe Beam, Bruce Bain, Lisa Moran, and Hager Law Firm. 

Several folks said they preferred handling the divorce themselves in situations when there is agreement on everything.

How about you? Any recommendations you'd add to this list?

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