If you were planning on heading to Galveston for a quick holiday, now is not the time. The City of Galveston has a seawall, but parts of the island, are always in danger of storm surge flooding. Particularly the West End area.

The City of Galveston Mayor Pro Tem Craig Brown issued a voluntary evacuation for the West End. Residents living in low lying areas and west of the end of the seawall. Though this is voluntary, this is just a phase one advisory to get things started.

The National Weather Service as made it clear that Tropical Storm Laura is expected to make landfall as a category 2 hurricane. Hitting Wednesday night along the upper Texas Coast and Louisiana. This of course could change as the storms get closer to the coast.

If you have a second home, well good for you. This is one of those situations where you might want to go to that second home. If you are like the rest of the world, if this would be a huge inconvenience especially financially. Galveston benefits from a lot of tourism, and I know those numbers are down.

If we haven't been clear, if you live in Deep East Texas, and you had a trip planned to Galveston, I would postpone it until all of this is over. If you think this is hype, this hurricane as already killed 11 people in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. That's before it hits the warmer waters in the Gulf of Mexico.




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