Since my last update, I have made significant progress. I have reformed a plan and have been walking and running each morning before work. I even got out over the holiday weekend and walked. Each day I get up at 6:00 to wake up, drink water and stretch, and try to get out the door around 6:30. I take my iPhone and listen iTunes while I use my Nike+ Running app with GPS to track my progress.

I find that tracking my progress helps keep me motivated. I did pretty well the first week. I started this plan last Monday, and I averaged 2.52 miles, Tuesday through Saturday. I took Wednesday off.

This week I've averaged a little better with 2.6 miles, and I've started running more. I have been hesitant to dive in too quickly and injure myself, so I'm slowly running more and more each day.

So far, I'm really enjoying my morning workouts. It's a lot cooler despite the humidity, and I seem to feel better throughout the day. In addition to the morning walks, I've also altered my diet and have managed to shed a few pounds, too.

Thinking of getting started? Just do it. Make a commitment to yourself to take care of you body. You'll feel so much better, and don't forget to drink plenty of water.

 If you're already a walker/runner, how do you stay motivated?