Honestly, when I heard The Egg & I was going away, I was sincerely distraught. It was definitely one of my favorite places--the things they could do to eggs. *sigh* When I noticed the location with a new sign I started to feel glimmers of hope. After a brief period of mourning, I decided to give First Watch Daytime Cafe a try.

My mourning quickly turned to joy. Although I'll always miss The Egg & I, upon walking in the door I was immediately impressed at the changes they'd made. The restaurant feels more open and the clean, modern farmhouse look is appealing.

The menu actually surprised me. I wasn't expecting such a variety of offerings that would appeal to pretty much anyone on earth. Oh by the way, if you love bacon, you'll have to try theirs. They're known for it. They have seasonal offerings right now, too. Try the cinnamon-dusted cake donuts holes served with chocolate sauce--OMG.

If you are a plant-based eater or just want to lean more heart healthy, prepare to feel loved with their A.M. super food bowl with coconut milk chia seed pudding, bananas, berries, and possibly a sprinkle of fairy dust. They also have avocado toast and a delectable line of healthful juices to enjoy--try the morning meditation juice. I felt like I was drinking a magical elixir.

More traditional hearty options? Oh you bet. There's an array of Benedict options, pancakes, waffles, and you must check out the "Chickichanga." Trust me.

It's really is a "daytime cafe" so make sure you visit between 7:00 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. Trust me, this food is definitely worth getting up for earlier in the day.

Wanna see their entire menu? Take a look here.

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