Covid-19 has taken so much from so many East Texans--that includes much needed funds normally gifted to our incredible non-profit organizations who do so much for our East Texas people--and animals. Many of the fundraisers that are crucial for their well-being have had to be cancelled or at least post-poned due to the pandemic.

One of my favorite non-profits is The Pegasus Project.

There's so much to love about horses. Even for those who aren't riders, most of us can appreciate the beauty and gracefulness of these noble animals. For those who are devoted “horse people,” they are intuitive, sensitive, and therapeutic companions. Australian poet Pam Brown said “horses lend us the wings we lack.” So, when they are mistreated, it is heartbreaking.

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Thankfully, there is a group of caring people in East Texas whose mission is to give those wings back to the horses who have been abused or neglected.The Pegasus Project is a nonprofit group located on 95 beautiful acres near Ben Wheeler.

The founders, Allyson and Mike DeCanio, along with the entire Pegasus team, are committed to working alongside other organizations for animal welfare, responding to complaints about horse cruelty, investigating, and rescuing those horses who are in need. The horses are then given rest and a sanctuary where they are loved back to health, retrained as needed, and made ready to find their forever homes.

Happily, they are achieving success in their mission. According to The Pegasus Project website, “nearly all of the horses [they] have rescued have been able to return to normal lives.”

Good news, indeed.

Yet, due to the pandemic, they need our help this Thursday, September 17. It's North Texas Giving Day. That means if you donate $25 or more, your gift will be doubled! In fact you can schedule your donation right now. Just visit I've gone ahead and searched for The Pegasus Project for you. Just click and donate! And THANK YOU.

If you have a passion for animals, and especially horses, there are various ways you can help The Pegasus Project in their missionWhether you'd like to make a tax-deductible donation before the first of the year or even give hands-on help at the ranch, learn more at You can also see the horses currently up for adoption.

Not only can your help give horses back their wings, it can help them learn to fly again.

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