Staying at someone's house a day or two is fine, but there comes a time to when house guests cross the line!

KiddNation's Ana, from KiddTV, told the cast of the show how Part Time Justin got just a little too comfortable in her house and how he moved the syrup from the refrigerator to the pantry! Now they're pretty good friends, but it seems when Justin visits Ana's place he's always moving and rearranging things!

So, the cast wanted to know do you have friends like that or do you do these types of things to your friends and did KiddNation ever come through! KiddNation shared some horror stories, like a dad that uses the one room that is supposed to be off limits! Then another KiddNation member said a friend of hers was staying on her couch for a while and said one night her friend said the couch wasn't too comfortable to sleep on and went and got in bed with her and her husband!

That's just two of the things that KiddNation opened up about and others opened up too in the following best of video and audio clips.

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