The word is pronounced "microwave". Duh, I thought that was standard knowledge.

Let's break it down:

There's the prefix, MICRO, which means small or tiny. It is pronounced like this: MY-Crow. That's pretty easy and simple, right.

Now we'll talk about the word 'WAVE'. Pronounced like this, WAIF.

Putting the two words together and you have MY-Crow-WAIF.

Somebody needs to tell that to chef Nigella Lawson, who totally butchered up the word. She has a new cooking show called, "Cook, Eat, Repeat", and she was talking about how she likes "to warm milk in the ME-Crow-WAH-vay."

The meecro WHAT?

You know how Twitter likes to roast people for the littlest things so of course Nigella got rotisseried in the tweets.

Lawson says she was only joking when she said it that way, so thankfully, it was all in good fun.

I was laughing my A off at her for saying it that way, thinking that's how she really thinks it's pronounced "ME-Crow-WAH-vey". I said it out loud a few times and then I discovered that I loved pronouncing microwave that way.

What other words can I ruin with fun, incorrect ways of saying them?

One thing that a lot of people like to say is "TAR-zhay" instead of "Target". I say it that way, too.

My kid, Willow, calls pizza, "PATE-SUH!" She does this on purpose, though. We always crack up. Good times, good times.

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