I read that 20 percent of us check our smart phones every ten minutes.

I hate to admit it, but I’m one of those helpless, pathetic addicts. I just can’t stand not knowing what might be going on inside that phone as it sits there on my desk. Has someone sent a text? What new emails have just landed? Maybe I should check Facebook. Perhaps a celebrity couple has broken up….I should see. Stop the madness! But I can’t.

If you’re not checking your phone every ten minutes, a new Time Mobility Poll says you’re probably checking it at least once an hour. And 84 percent can’t go one day with their mobile device at hand. What would we do with our hands if we didn’t have our phones? I shudder to think.

Time says too, that three out of four people ages 25 to 29 will take their phones to bed with them.

Many of us check the phone first thing when we wake up too. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I like thinking you’re freshly shaven, showered, and that your teeth are brushed, but it turns out most people are emailing, texting, and tweeting first thing in the morning with bed head.

Since you’re always on the phone, check out our apps! They’re fun, they inform, and they let you listen live on your phone. Since we’re addicts, we might as well be happy addicts.