Now, many Texans would say that ALL of the Buc-ee's locations are already perfect as is--but we may have found one that is even MORE perfect in Lake Jackson, Texas.

Now for those of us that are already devoted admirers of the Texas "convenience store" phenomenon that is Buc-ee's, it may seem that ALL of the Buc-ee's locations are perfect. And frankly, I get that. But what if I told you that one Buc-ee's has managed to reach yet another level of perfection?

The Perfect Buc-ee's Store is Currently in Existence in Lake Jackson, Texas.

What makes this Buc-ee's location EVEN BETTER, as hard as that may be to believe? They sell some of the yummiest coffee drinks you can find anywhere. Although it's not too surprising. Because honestly, Buc-ee's seems to do almost everything very well.

At the Buc-ee's location at 598 TX-332 in Lake Jackson, Texas, you can walk over or drive-thru to enjoy the offerings of Buc-ee's Beanery!

We recently discovered this illuminating and delightful information via a Buc-ee's Fan Page site on Facebook. Commenters who'd been there ooh'd and ahh'd over the coffee they enjoyed at this location. One man said it was hands down the BEST frappe he'd ever had. He particularly recommended the peanut butter frappe. OMG.

Maria Frias, Google Maps
Maria Frias, Google Maps

I have to say, looking over this menu I'm pretty tempted to make the drive myself. (Although I'd prefer if Buc-ee's would simply get on the ball and build one closer to us in East Texas.)

Interestingly though, despite the fact that so many emoted fondly about the Buc-ee's Beanery, turns out this location is relatively smaller compared to some of the huge ones you and I have seen.

It was interesting to read how many people go there every single day to get their coffee though. And with the drive-thru, ya don't have to go in at all! Although many of us would find it difficult to stay in the car if we found ourselves that close to a Buc-ee's.

So, how's that petition to get a Buc-ee's in East Texas going? ;)

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