I don't splurge on things for myself very often, but when I do - Star Wars is usually involved.  In the past I have paid good money for a Darth Vader tattoo and a Star Wars Mudbugs jersey.


Now I've got my sights set on a new bauble adorned with the familiar color schemes and images from my favorite movie series.  Igloo has just released a Star Wars inspired line of their famously popular Playmate coolers, and they look gorgeous.

The one you see above is my favorite, but I'm a black and white kind of guy.  If you are looking for a more colorful expression of your love for the franchise check these out:

Igloo didn't stop there young padawan, they also offer some SW inspired growlers:

If you are considered "essential" and still going to work, taking your lunch is a great way to socially distance yourself.  For me, these are a cool way to inject a little fun into that process.

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