Oh, ladies, you never feel like a hero and yet, you totally are!  East Texas is full of powerful, inspiring women, and now is the time to use whatcha got to inspire kids and teens through a nationwide mentoring program.  

March is Women's History Month, and Microsoft has been telling the stories of women like you, who are having an impact in big and small ways. As they put it, "When it's her, it's all of us."

When I think about all of the world-changers that have made a splash in the past, I bet not one of them thought they were doing amazing, earth-shattering work at the time.  Well, maybe Madame Curie had an inkling as she was discovering radioactive elements and winning the Nobel Prize, but most of the time it seems like big impacts feel small and ordinary.  You never know how much of a difference you've made until you look in the rearview mirror and see the trail.

Now is a great time to become a mentor, and share valuable skills and ideas with kids and teens around East Texas.  I want my three girls to grow up with good vibes and positive thoughts, and most of the time, they don't want to get that from Mama, in the same breath with "It's your turn to clean the litter box."  They would benefit from having an outside mentor.

Microsoft is connecting women with mentoring opportunities now, and you can get started HERE.  They'll ask what group you'd most like to mentor, from the general youth population to at-risk youth, the homeless, LGBTQ+, single-parent households, and more, and you can choose what's in your wheelhouse.  Ages range from under 7 to teens, and you can mentor 1-on-1, to a group, or virtually.

To get started, they'll host a Mentoring 101 Training session on April 14th at 9 am Central, to help mentors get a grip on what works and what doesn't. That will be held on Zoom, and you can register HERE.

Feel free to pass it on!  When I think about the women who have inspired me, I'm so grateful that they got out of their comfort zones and shared their knowledge and skills.  They made history at least in some small way, and now we can too.

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