It was just another day, and I was scrolling through social media when I stumbled upon a theft in Van Zandt County that caught my attention. We’ve all driven on I-20 in Canton, Texas and noticed a group of restaurants off the right-hand side, one of the restaurants being Wing Dingers and that was the restaurant that seems to have had some restaurant equipment stolen from their establishment. 


The details were made by the Wing Dingers social media page, the alleged theft to place sometime July 28-30 and over $150,000 in equipment was stolen from the restaurant. It’s not exactly shocking to hear about restaurant equipment costing that much money but who could take this equipment without being noticed? There is currently a $1,000 reward for anyone who has information regarding the equipment theft. 

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Social Media Isn’t So Sure About the Theft 

There are close to 90 comments on social media from people in the area that don’t seem to fully believe the theft story that is being reported. Although, remember these are not law enforcement officers. The most common comment on social media is that this seems like a insurance fraud case. But I am sure the insurance company will be looking into this before issuing any checks.  

If You Have Any Information Regarding This Case 

If you have any details about the theft and want to know more about the reward, you’re being asked to text 469-338-6939. We will try to keep up with this story and let you know if any more details are released.  

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