The question is, is it illegal to capture or collect rainwater and save it in Texas?

If you live in East Texas, Dallas, Texas, or anywhere around the eastern and southeastern part of the state, you know we get our more than fair share of rainfall. Now that we are in March, we'll be seeing plenty more rain heading our way.

Seeing as rain is a natural occurrence, it would seem strange to some that capturing and then saving that rainwater would be illegal.

That being said, in some states, while it is not illegal to capture and save rainwater to care for animals or to water plants or crops, it is restricted when it comes to using that saved rainwater for human consumption.

Some states don't allow it at all due to concerns about harmful bacteria or because of what can happen while that water is stored, including issues related to what the water is stored in. 

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So what about in the state of Texas?

Here in Texas, not only is the practice of collecting water not illegal, but you might even say the practice is encouraged. In fact, according to the Texas Water Development Board, it could be incentivized. After all, the practice does decrease the demand on the public water supply.

If you've been considering capturing and saving rainwater for your future use, you may have the opportunity to claim an exemption. Furthermore, the Texas Tax Code will exempt the supplies, labor, and any equipment used in collecting rainwater from any state-applied sales tax.

That being said, if you're seriously considering it, reach out to your county government to double-check, as well as water providers in your area to see what other advice or expertise they might have to share.

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