I had lunch the other day at a pizza joint down the street and noticed more people eating their pizza with a fork! I can see the benefits of eating pizza with a fork, but is it really meant to be eaten that way?

Growing up I always ate my pizza by picking it up with my hands. Whether we were eating at Pizza Inn, Shakey's Pizza, Mazzio's, Pizza Hut or wherever, I was eating it with my hands. Pizza is a natural, portable, eat on the go type of food that doesn't require a fork in my opinion.

Now, I've always seen others eat their pizza with a fork and I can see the benefits of it. It's not as messy, sometimes there's a lot of toppings on the pie, you may be at an 'upscale' joint are a few of those reasons, so I can see where and why you'd eat it with a fork. I guess too it looks more polite in a restaurant setting that you're eating with a fork and not so barbaric by picking up your food with your hands. But it's pizza after all! Pizza!!

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