It's the burning question of the day, 'Are you wearing pants?'

Since a good part of the work force is still working from home these days thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of business is being conducted online. Meetings between clients, office co-workers, the boss and friends are taking place on Zoom, Teams or other video platforms and nearly half of the people in those meetings aren't up to a company dress code or in many cases not even reaching 'casual Friday' status.

Big Al found a survey that says 47% of the respondents to the survey do not wear pants while on a Zoom, Teams or video conference call. So where does that leave the cast of The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show? Big Al asked everyone to stand up to show if they're wearing pants or not. You can probably guess who didn't stand up! Watch the following video to get the results and see if they're in the 47% club or not.

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