Y’all be careful out there.

It’s been a while since we got a good rain here in our neck of the woods. One thing you have to keep in mind is that while precipitation makes the roads slick in any conditions, they become especially slippery after we’ve had an extended dry spell.

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The rain causes all of the oil that had dripped on the road during the dry spell to rise to the surface after it rains, which makes for some hazardous road conditions.

And while I can’t 100 percent confirm that slick roads led to the 28-car pile-up that occurred on I-30 in Dallas this morning, I would be willing to bet my paycheck that’s the case.

Fortunately, it doesn’t appear that anyone was seriously injured in the pile-up, based on the below video. Hopefully, I’m right in that assumption.

Regardless, it would be in all of our best interest to take a moment to look at the video as a reminder to not only slow down on the roads when it rains after a long dry spell but to also slow down on wet roads, in general.

@dallas_texastv 28 car pileup in Dallas this morning on I-30 #ForU #Fyp #Wreck ♬ original sound - Dallas Texas TV

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