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Feel like you're constantly treading water? If you're stressed out, you're not alone. WalletHub says Louisiana and Texas are home to some of the most stressed-out people in the country.

Just how stressed out are we in Louisiana and Texas?

I wondered why I always found myself singing along to the song Stressed Out by twenty one pilots. Now I know. It turns out that Louisiana is the #1 most stressed-out state in the country for 2024 and Texas needs a chill pill, too, because they're ranked 10th. This seems weird to me because we're all about passing a good time!

WalletHub studied multiple stressors including average hours worked, bankruptcy rates, and even the average amount of sleep, to compile the list of the country's most stressed-out states. They found that Louisiana is tied for 4th when it comes to working the most hours. Texas was tied for second, so we know we're not lazy. Louisiana also ranked 5th when it comes to the percentage of adults who are in poor health. This isn't looking very good, is it?

Stressed out about finances? That's not a surprise. Louisiana ranks 2nd when it comes to folks with the lowest credit score and 2nd again for the percentage of people living in poverty. Louisiana also has the third-highest divorce rate. Oh, and Louisiana has the 2nd highest crime rate, too. We also happen to be the state with the fourth fewest psychologists per capita.

Not to be outdone, Texas was tied for fourth in the country for the lowest average credit score which is kind of funny, because we thought everything was bigger in Texas!

Let's take a look at both Louisiana and Texas by WalletHub.com's numbers when it comes to stress.

Work-Related Stress Rank:

  • Louisiana - 3
  • Texas - 5

Money Related Stress Rank:

  • Louisiana - 4
  • Texas - 23

Family Related Stress Rank:

  • Louisiana - 10
  • Texas - 8

Health and Safety Related Stress Rank

  • Louisiana - 3
  • Texas - 11

Source: WalletHub

Stress is a part of life. It's how you deal with it that counts. Stress can lead to a bunch of health problems so do what you can to alleviate it. After all, I need all the listeners I can get! Here's a guide to relieving stress if you need some tips.

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