I love a good movie night where I can relax, eat my popcorn, and watch a good movie without any interruptions. However, the second an interruption occurs, MOVIE RUINED!

I’m sure I’m not alone when it comes to having pet peeves about movie theater etiquette. Whether it’s a loud chewer, crying babies, or people on their phone; interruptions in movie theaters suck because we paid to watch the movie in peace so any little interruption can ruin the whole vibe!

I wanted to see what other pet peeves people had when it came to movie theater etiquette and I wasn’t shocked that I agreed with almost most of these.

On the other end, there were some things on that list that I was embarrassed to say I do in theaters so, looks like I have some changes I gotta do, too, when it comes to movie theater etiquette.


Top 5 Things You Should NOT Do In Movie Theaters:


  1. Using your phone: Ever been blinded by an unexpected phone screen glow mid-movie? Spare your fellow moviegoers from this modern horror. Silence that device, or better yet, leave it in your pocket. 


  1. Talking: While sharing the movie-going experience with friends is something most of us are guilty of doing, a running commentary is not. Save your analysis for post-film discussions.


  1. Bringing in smelly food: We get it, popcorn is a must. However, bringing stinky, noisy snacks can make you the villain of the cinema. Keep the fish at home. 


  1. Crying babies or loud kids: Look, I get it. Sometimes you can’t find a sitter and you really wanna enjoy a movie. I’ve been that single mom who had to take my son to the theaters but the second he started acting up I made sure to step out of the theater to avoid annoying any other movie goers.


  1. Making out: This one made me giggle like a little girl. Look, kissing your significant other is alright to do, but if the kiss lasts longer than 10 seconds then I will in fact yell “GET A ROOM” because at that point it’s turning into a full blown make out session.

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