It's 2020 and we've all got some things going on.

While coronavirus has a grip on the nation right now, there are many of us that are working from home these days and because of that our routines have been upended. but it's more than our routines that have been disrupted, businesses in general are suffering. While doing what he can to protect himself and his family and not contract COVID-19, J-Si has not been neglecting some other things in his life that used to be priority. Take working out for instance.

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Because gyms have been closed for quite a while in his area and not quite getting back in to the routine of visiting a gym since they've reopened, J-Si admits to putting on a little weight. Something we're all probably guilty of since the beginning of the pandemic.

After J-Si's wife Kinsey posted a picture of him and the family on her Instagram stories, someone trolled him with a message saying 'looking a little heavy'. J-Si handled the comment perfectly though. Watch the following video for how he addressed this troll.

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