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J-Si reveals what has become of his quarantine hair.

Kind of following the footsteps of Producer Nick, J-Si has not had a haircut for more than a year. When the pandemic began and things were shutting down left and right, Producer Nick proclaimed he would not be cutting his hair cut until there was a vaccine for COVID-19.

Well, the vaccine was produced, put in to many arms and Nick finally cut his hair just in time for Easter pics a few weeks ago. However, J-Si wasn't so quick to have his hair cut. So he ended up calling his barber, who he hadn't spoken to in more than a year, to arrange a time for him to come in for a haircut.

After working up the courage to go to the barber, she asked him if he really wanted to cut it all off and wear it like before. Well, you'll have to watch the following best of video to find out what J-Si decided to do.

Jay Heike via Unsplash
Jay Heike via Unsplash

This was revealed during the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show Daily Newscast along with news from Ana, Part Time Justin, Big Al and Kellie in the audio clip below.

Listen to "KKMS News Update- J-Si's Big Reveal" on Spreaker.

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