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You know her from 'Glee' and 'The Weakest Link' and now you'll know her from her music!

Jane Lynch recently re-released her 2016 Christmas album, which is available now, yes her Christmas album! This new album also features vocals from Kate Flannery and Tim Davis too. Jane talks about the reworking of the album and how Tim really helped her out and how he's an 'equal opportunity flirter'!

The topic turns to her days on 'Glee' and the songs she loved performing (when she got too). She talks about her go to song that she loves to sing while in the car. We also learn about what she's looking forward to the most after the pandemic ends, what's on her tour rider that she has to have backstage, Christmas traditions, filming of 'The Weakest Link', some upcoming projects and more before Big Al royally messes up the interview.

Yes, Big Al messes up the ending to a great interview!

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