Mobile Suit Gundam Wing has always been a favorite anime of mine. Just the fantasy aspect of being able to jump in and control your own robot to fight evil in space makes the imagination run wild. Seeing this video from Japan of a real life, fully articulated, Gundam just make the kid in me super happy.

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Yes, anime is a very niche thing in the states. Most people reading this either don't know or have some very wrong stereotypes of Japanese anime. Yes, there is animated adult stuff that most want associate it with but true anime is not that. True anime has a great story to tell with valuable lessons to learn and some great good versus evil battles.

Currently my favorite anime is My Hero Academia. I came into the show during season four, I believe, on Adult Swim's Toonami. It's on Hulu and I've started from the beginning so I can learn about all the great characters of the show. It has a great story of no matter who you are you can do anything. It's great and a great show for your teenage kids to get into.

Granted, this life size robot cannot stand on it's own. As you see in the video, it is attached to a harness of sorts so it can stay upright. However, the articulation is incredible. Fully functioning hands and fingers, it can open it's eyes, moves it's arms and legs, I would think the next step would be to actually see if it could stand on it's own. And hey, this is a good guy, too.

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