You would think speaking in front of an crowd would come naturally for Kellie because she's on the radio, but it doesn't. It comes with hesitation.

Kellie made a trip to Wichita Falls to speak in front of a group of teachers and she was extremely nervous about it. With that in mind and to help with her nerves, the cast members wrote a few intros for Kellie and sealed them in envelopes. The thing is she couldn't read them until she was up at the podium and ready to give her speech and once ready she had to open them and deliver the message blindly.

After the opening lines were delivered, Kellie says it all went downhill from there. There was audio to be played from the speech, but Kellie begged J-Si to not play it, but he did anyways. The cast thought she did a great job with her speech. We want you to listen and let us know what you thought of her speech.

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