In a segment of PopCrush videos that we’re now going to call ‘Kelly Covers…,’ we present to you another fabulous cover from ‘American Idol‘ winner Kelly Clarkson — this time, of Florence + the Machine. As if ‘Kelly Covers…’ needed more of an introduction.

Clarkson decided to cover Florence + the Machine’s ‘Shake It Out’ Sunday night (Aug. 26) in New Jersey. She didn’t opt for an acoustic version like she did for TLC’s ‘No Scrubs’ cover; no, this time, she went for the exhilarating and much more appreciated amped up version of ‘Shake It Out.’

“If I screw this up, I’m sorry Florence and Youtube,” she said before jumping into the cover. It’s like she knows we follow her every cover move! Anyway, based on the rendition above, it’s pretty clear that Clarkson did Florence and the band proud, and she did it in a big way — something we’d like to attribute to Clarkson’s Texas roots. Hey, everything is bigger (and better in Clarkson’s case) in Texas!

As always, if you’re planning on seeing Kelly Clarkson on tour (dates here), make sure you tweet her @Kelly_Clarkson with the name of the song (including artist) you’d like her to cover, and add the hashtag #KCrequests!

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