Producer Nick has a big decision to make.

When COVID-19 struck America, much of the nation came to a standstill back in March. Businesses were ordered to close their doors, people were forced to work from home if they could and certain aspects of our lives, so far, have been forever changed.

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Take producer Nick for instance, the last time he had a haircut was sometime in February. He's going on eight months now since he's had a haircut. He declared back in March that he's not going to cut his hair until there's a vaccine for COVID-19. Since there's no vaccine yet, there's been no haircut and he's actually grown accustomed to his hair and is liking how long its getting, but he's now faced with a's family portrait time. His wife has stated she wants him to cut his hair, but hasn't brought it up in a while. So, will producer Nick be getting a haircut? J-Si gives him some great advice that kind of shocks the rest of the members.

Also in this edition of The Kidd Kraddick Morning News, we learn that about Ana's podcast watching party, someone has discovered J-Si's secret candy stash, Kellie is liking the way her husband is looking, part time Justin is ready for something to happen and is Big Al taking up mudding?

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