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Celebrity encounters in the bathroom are inherently awkward.

We were all saddened by the new of the passing of the legendary radio and TV interviewer Larry King this past weekend. He was such a legend and had an interview style about him that will never be duplicated. The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show's namesake, Kidd Kraddick met him once during a correspondence dinner at The White House years ago. Celebrities from TV news shows, movies and radio people were all invited to a dinner one night at The White House.

While taking a moment to take care of some personal business, Kidd Kraddick ran in to the legendary Larry King while washing his hands and wished he could take back four little words that he ended up feeling embarrassed he said them.

What's even funnier was when the classic bit finished playing on air, J-Si asks Big Al Mack about his celebrity run in in the bathroom and the reaction was priceless.

Give it a listen in the following best of audio clip.

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