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The cast of The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show plays Kellie's favorite game, the 'Match Game'.

In this Valentine's edition of the 'Match Game', KiddNation member Gary Clark tries to match the answer to fill in the blank questions asked to a celebrity panel, aka, the morning show cast!

Hosted by producer Nick Adams, he asks the panel the give their best answer to the following silly statements:

  • Ana is so proud of the creative Valentine's Day gift she thought of for her boyfriend Ryan, he's gonna love his (blank).
  • Things are getting down right sexy at the Rasberry-Evans estate, Kellie even got a sexy new (blank) for a Valentine's gift.
  • Big Al's a little nervous, it's been so long he might have forgotten to (blank).
  • Part Time Justin thought he was being romantic when he whispered (blank) in his Valentine's ear.

With questions like that, the answers are almost impossible to answer. But if you know the show, you'll know the perfect answer to give to those questions. So how did Gary do? Give the following best of clip a listen to see if he matches any of the celebrity panel and you can play along too by giving your own answer and seeing if you match the celebrity panel too.

Listen to "Match Game- Valentine's Edition" on Spreaker.

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