I gotta say, this is one brave lady to post about both religion AND politics in a Longview, Texas social media group. But she did. And boy, did people respond.

Recently, in an online social media group post and chat, a woman from Longview, TX posted her personal views on the viral nature of the "Let's Go Brandon" rant--particularly in light of the Christmas season.

Unless you've been under a rock for the last few months, you're likely familiar with the "Let's Go Brandon" phrase that, due to a mis-hearing of a chant at a Nascar event, became the anthem cry for many of those who are staunchly opposed to the Biden Administration.

The phrase "Let's Go Brandon" became a veiled insult to President Joe Biden.

And because it's what we do here, there has now been all kinds of merchandise created with the "LGB" chant painted, embroidered, or somehow applied to all manner of things--T-shirts, hats, koozies, you name it.

Back to this earnest-hearted lady from Longview.

She said she felt that, because of what the "LGB" chant really means, that it may not be the most appropriate gift choice for people of faith to buy and give to loved ones.

Her reasoning? She shared a scripture referring to "goodwill toward men," and speculated as to whether the entire spirit of the "LGB" craze was in-line with the Biblical sentiment. She also said it can be stuff like this that can drive people away from the church.

Some responded that, despite their own dislike for the Biden administration, that perhaps it wasn't a great look for those who claim to follow Jesus. Some responded that people need to stop taking everything so seriously.

Others said that buying gifts of this kind has NOTHING to do with their faith and that she should keep her opinions to herself. Frankly, some of them were just downright rude.

And still, more extreme respondents claimed that God would actually AGREE with the "LGB" sentiment.

What do you think? Should people relax? Or is this lady who advises people of faith to "search their souls' to see if this is WJWD?

Let us know your personal thoughts, East Texas.

Honestly, between us, I just wish people would be kinder to people online--WHATEVER is being discussed. Like in this next situation, for example:

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