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The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show's resident 'Love Expert' is in and dishing out some advice to members of KiddNation about their relationships.

When things aren't going right with a relationship, members of KiddNation often turn to Kellie Rasberry for some honesty in how to handle the situation so that they can navigate their way through their issues. The first letter that Kellie dishes advice to is a seventh grader who has a crush on someone for about a year and a half and now their secret has gotten out. They are wondering if they should just move on because they didn't want this person to find out the way they did and things are now awkward whey they're around each other and often this member gets very nervous when they're around this other person too.

In a different situation, Kellie is called upon how to handle a situation in which someone told a girlfriend in the group that another guy in the group does not like her husband. This group does quite a bit together so the husband doesn't come around much, but the group wants him and wants him to be a part of an upcoming wedding. So how do they handle the other guy. Do they invite him or leave him out?

Another member of KiddNation is turning to Kellie for some advice on how to address her boyfriends' children. They are late teens and are not accepting of the new relationship. She's asking for help on how to get him to stand up to his children about the relationship or is it just time for her to move on and find someone new?

Then there's another member of KiddNation who says her husband is using the pandemic as an excuse to not find a job. Kellie gives her advice on how to address this with her husband and how to move forward.

If you're experiencing some difficulties within your relationship, you can always submit a letter to Kellie for her to answer.

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