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Love Letters To Kellie usually airs Monday and Wednesday on The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show, but this situation just couldn't wait until Monday. So here's a special edition of Love Letters To Kellie on a Friday.

The situation came in through text to the show and J-Si opted to read it to the cast on air. J-Si prefaces the text by saying this isn't something that we should be doing to a significant other. He then goes in to Paige's situation. Give this a listen and watch the reactions from the cast members, each one has a unique response to the situation.

J-Si and executive producer White Cheddar are working on getting in to contact with Paige to see how her situation unfolds Saturday and hopes to have her on the show Monday during Love Letters To Kellie to let us all in on what happened.

What would you do in the situation if you were Paige?

If you're experiencing a little trouble with your relationship, you can write Kellie anytime and she could be helping you through your relationship issue.

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