If it's one thing that Kellie has plenty of, that would be advice.

And in her case, that's a good thing because she is 'The Love Expert'. When members of KiddNation are facing a difficult time or situation in their relationship they often times turn to Kellie Rasberry for her advice. They'll write and text their situations for all the world to hear and listen intently as Kellie gives them some sought after advice on how to handle their issue.

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In today's edition we learn about a husband's worst lie ever told after he was potentially caught caught.

A member is seeking Kellie's advice on how to deal with her husband as she has dealt with and overcome COVID-19. He continues to ask her to wear a mask, insists on eating at different tables and sleeping in separate bedrooms although she has tested negative and gotten over the virus.

Another member is curious as to whether it is appropriate or not to send a Mother's Day card to her ex's mother for Mother's Day. She dated her son for ten months and planned on marrying him but that didn't happen and the relationship ended on a sour note.

There's another member wondering if she'll ever find a decent guy and another one asking what they can do about their hurt feelings. Get Kellie's advice to these situations and more in today edition below.

Listen to "Love Letters To Kellie- Caught In Bed With A Bad Lie" on Spreaker.

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