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Kellie Rasberry is dishing out advice to members of Kidd Nation who are having an issue within their relationship.

When a member of Kidd Nation is facing an issue with a relationship they turn to the 'Love Expert' and write her a letter for some advice. In today's edition Kellie is faced with this situation for a sixteen year old girl who has recently quit her first job where she met a guy that she really liked. She's really not sure if he's into her because he hasn't shown any romantic interest in her, plus she's not sure if her parents are going to allow her to date yet. She's asking how to ask her parents if she's allowed to date and then if so, how does she ask him out without ruining their current friendship.

Another member has been dating a guy for almost a month and they're thinking about moving in and she thinks he could be the one and is wondering if she's moving to fast with him in wanting to settle down. Kellie advises that member on her situation and then another on their situation. She confronted her boyfriend of six years, they have three children together, about him having a conversation with someone on Facebook and that, she feels, led to a stronger relationship, however, she just ran across something else on Facebook that has lead her to be confused with him.

Finally, a woman has a problem with her man and his communication level and now she has problems with him and handling of the cat! She wants to know does she keep her husband or keep the cat?!!

Listen to "Love Letters To Kellie- Choose The Cat Over The Husband?" on Spreaker.

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