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Some relationships need help more than others. For those that really need help, they turn to the 'Love Expert'.

In this installment of Love Letters To Kellie, we hear from a guy who feels that his wife deserves better than him. As he tells us, they have separated twice now and he loves her and cares for but feels that he's not good enough. They also found out recently that she's pregnant with twins. He wants her back, but also thinks she can do better. So he turns to Kellie for some advice and Kellie tells him what he needs to do.

Another member turns to Kellie with a different type of love issue, they're in love with their job but are faced with a new chapter with a new position at a new facility. They're in love with this job and their family and partner wants them to start the new job but this KiddNation member is hesitant. They turn to Kellie on what to do about this conflicted feeling between the two jobs.

One letter gets really personal and direct with names and secrets! This member is wondering should she let sleeping dog lie when it comes to her bonus daughter. Also, where is this relationship headed with an impending divorce.

Kellie gives some great advice to these members of KiddNation and their situations. If you have issues in a relationship and looking for some advice, you can always write Kellie a letter and hopefully she'll give you some advice on the air too.

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