The Kidd Kraddick Morning Show's resident 'Love Expert' is in and giving out advice.

When members of KiddNation are facing a difficult time in a relationship, they often turn to Kellie Rasberry for some advice on how to address or handle their situation. Kellie responds with straight forward advice for the member and is rarely stumped on how to handle a situation. However, with one letter this morning it left her needing more specifics on the situation, so the cast decided to give this member a call, something they rarely do on 'Love Letters To Kellie'. So the letter states that she is three months pregnant with her boyfriends child. Currently he is not aware that she is pregnant and they have been dating for three years. She was going to surprise him and have dinner with him at his favorite restaurant where he watches the games. After arriving she noticed he was not alone and there were children there. They seemed happy and overheard one of the kids call him dad. She didn't want to break up the happy family so she turned around and left. Because they were so interested and had more questions to ask, they gave her a call. They all get more information about the situation in the video below and they will be following up with her on Monday's show.

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