The KiddNation family just got a bit bigger.

The KiddNation family grew by one a couple of weeks back when producer Trey's wife gave birth to their baby boy and now it seems as if the family is growing again. However, this time instead of a baby, its growing with a canine puppy!

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It was about three weeks ago Big Al told us about a woman in Kansas who contacted him about trying to find a home for a golden doodle because her parents could no longer care for it. She thought it would make for a great playmate with Big Al's dog. After making arrangements to meet the dog and have it meet his golden doodle, Curtis, to see if they'd play great together, Big Al found another lady who was interested in adopting it and she just happened to live in Kansas too.

After playing match maker for the dog, the seed was planted and it got Big Al to thinking that Curtis might need a playmate and a companion. So Big Al makes a call to someone who he knows about the possibility of adopting another dog. We'll let you watch the rest from here!

Rescue Dogs of East Texas

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