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Whoopi Goldberg and Megan McCain Get Into It on The View

Anybody else witness the awkwardness that happened on The View on Monday? Here's a clip for your cringe-worthy viewing pleasure:

Following the spat, McCain posted this on Twitter, comparing herself to a Game of Thrones character who, spoiler alert, dies in the series finale:

Goldberg and McCain also addressed their mini on-air fight the next day:

Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson Starting a Band?

It looks like Miley Cyrus and Cody Simpson might be forming a musical partnership — and they're making it official, legally! Cyrus' company recently filed legal documents for  ownership of the name Bandit and Bardot, which is the same username of an Instagram account that is only following Cyrus and Simpson. (via PopCrush)

31% of Men Don't Wash Their Hands After Using the Restroom

The CDC reports that only 31% of men and 65% of women wash their hands after using the bathroom. Gross, right? For all the germophobes out there, check out twelve public hot spots for germs via The Root.

Are Kylie Jenner and Drake Dropping Dating Hints?

Clue #1: A few days ago Drake posted a photo Instagram of him wearing a white Nike hat and a hoodie that reads "Sierra Canyon" on it. The hat had a lip print on it leading fans to think it was a reference to Jenner's lip kits. Plus, Sierra Canyon is the high school that Jenner attended.

Clue #2: Jenner posted on her Instagram a photo of two new vending machines in her Kyle Cosmetics office: a Skittles Machine and a Champagne machine. Since Drake's nickname is Champagne Papi, people think she was subtly referencing him. What do you think?

Star Quarterback Makes a Plea To Help Impoverished Children

LSU quarterback Joe Burrow won the Heisman trophy this week, and he gave a very emotional speech about the children in his hometown of Athens, Ohio. Just watching him tear up about talking about the residents back home who live in poverty had the whole room and everyone watching wanting to do something to help. His speech encouraged people to create a fundraiser for the residents of Athens. In just a day, the fundraiser quickly shot past its original $50,000 goal. The organizer later updated the goal to $100,000, which was met within hours. As of this story's publish date, $400,000 has been raised. (via CNN)

Jay-Z Snatches Phone From Someone Taking Pics of Beyoncé at Diddy's Party

Yikes!!! Watch the awkward moment below:

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