Miley Cyrus covers the June 2013 issue of ELLE UK, her first time doing so. She doesn't disappoint in an almost boobie-baring jacket and smoldering, smoky eye makeup.

Cyrus looks punk rock and sultry at once, with her extra-short, bleach-blond hair.

The deep V of her cotton and silk Lanvin jacket cuts dangerously low too. If she weren't stationary and on a photo shoot, it'd be a wardrobe malfunction in the making.

Even though the singer and actress is constantly dogged by rumors that her relationship with fiancé Liam Hemsworth is kaput, she looks fabulous and fit on this cover.

Her most recent cover was the March 2013 issue of Cosmopolitan, where she called Hemsworth her husband a bit prematurely. She struck a similar pose on that cover, wearing a boxy shoulder jacket that was open and with nothing underneath. Her pixie cut was a bit longer and the bangs lay flat on her head. Here, she's even edgier.

The new issue of ELLE UK lands May 1.

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