Mix 93-1 and Half Price Books are proud to recognize outstanding East Texas teachers!

This week's recipient is Mrs. Morgan of Jefferson High School in Jefferson.

Mix 93-1 and Half Price Books are proud to recognize Mrs. Morgan, a high school Spanish teacher at Jefferson High School In Jefferson. Mrs. Morgan was nominated by one of her students who had this to say:

Mrs. Morgan is an amazing teacher, she is very involved with after school programs. She stays late almost everyday for student functions and organizes class trips for students. She dedicates so much of what should be her personal time to her students. Anyone who has been lucky enough to have Mrs. Morgan as their teacher always names her as their favorite teacher. I consider myself so fortunate to be a part of Mrs. Morgan’s 2nd year Spanish class and to be going to Puerto Rico next year with her and other select students. She deserves to be the teacher of the week for every week of the year for her dedication and love of teaching. Not all teachers leave a lasting impression on their students [as] Mrs. Morgan will always be my favorite teacher.

Mix 93-1 and Half Price Books are honored to recognize Mrs. Morgan of Jefferson High School in Jefferson as the Mix 93-1 Teacher Of The Week.


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