It's a very important Monday. Many people are getting back in the swing of things for the first day of school, so we need extra inspiration.

Let's do this.

First take a look at Matt Crump's colorful photograph to bring that smile to your face.

Next take a trip down south with country singer Miranda Lambert and crew to Charleston, SC. Charleston is one of the coolest and oldest cities I have visited, and I can't wait to return. It's beautiful and everyone is so friendly.

Lady Antebellum inspired me to download Bit Moji today, and my text messages will never the same. It's free, and created by the same people who brought us Bit Strips. Enjoy!

Brett Eldredge wants to deliver pizza to us by jets like Santa Claus. Sign me up!

Words of motivation. Monday's nearly over, and we'll get through another week together.

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