Do you consider your pet a part of your family? According to a new study, nearly all dog owners do.

A fascinating new study from, tells the story of pet owners and the relationship that they have with pets, primarily dogs. As a cat owner, I find this study to be interesting and not different from my own experience.

My cat is part of our family. She is often the center of attention when present and the topic of discussion when she is not. My husband and I often kid each other about which of her favorite napping spots will she be in, when we get home. We enter the house quietly and wager on where she will be. Lately, it's my office chair.

This study says dog owners feel the same way. Nearly all dog owners,94 percent, consider their dog a part of the family.

Apparently, one in four pet parents have brought their pet on a date, and most admitted to taking more photos of their dog than their significant other, 65 percent of people. Personally, I find it much easier to photograph my cat than my husband. The cat cannot complain as loudly about it!

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